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School of Excellence Survey

Do you feel our school listens to families’ concerns and demonstrates a genuine interest in developing solutions? Do you feel our school considers families to be equal partners in decision making? Answer these kinds of important questions and more by taking the national PTA School of Excellence program survey.

The anonymous survey asks important questions about our school's culture, communication with parents, and support of students, families, teachers and staff. The information learned will help give our schools and PTA a framework to unite behind a common goal, work together on programming efforts, improve reach among diverse communities, make improvements, and track success.

Participating schools often see results in improvement in the areas they choose to target, net positive recognition within their school systems, and, potentially, additional funds as an incentive for their schools.

You can take the survey online on Hard copies of the survey--including in Spanish and Amharic will be provided at our PTA events this week and can be filled out on the spot or submitted to the school PTA mailbox. Surveys are due by 5pm on Nov. 12th.

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