School of Excellence Program

Dear ESS community,


Our school has an exciting opportunity to participate in the national PTA School of Excellence program. 


This is a program that helps give schools and PTAs a framework to unite behind a common goal, work together on programming efforts, improve reach among diverse communities, poll for feedback, use that feedback to make improvements, and track success. 


Participating schools often see results in improvement in the areas they choose to target, net positive recognition within their school systems, and, potentially, additional funds as an incentive for their schools.


Please read more on the national PTA website and below.


The first step? Please take a few moments to take an anonymous survey aimed at gauging how families, teachers, and staff currently feel about our school.


Please click here to take the survey. Hard copies of the survey will be provided and can be submitted to the school PTA mailbox.   


Surveys are due by 5pm on Nov. 12th. 




Lima Abdullah

ESS PTA president 2021-2022