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Welcome to Winter 2022 Panda Club

What are Panda Clubs? The ESS Panda Club is an after-school enrichment program coordinated by the ESS PTA. Panda Club offers after-school activities in three sessions during the school year: fall, winter, and spring.

How will Winter Registration work?

  • Registration for the lottery opens Tuesday, December 7.

  • Registration for the lottery closes Friday, December 17.

  • You will be notified about lottery results by Friday, December 24. You will have the choice to accept or decline the placement.

  • Placement is not guaranteed.

  • For those students who are selected for Panda Club in the lottery, we will ask you to register for the class via the vendor’s system by January 3. If you do not register by January 3, we may give your spot to another student.

  • Classes will begin the week of January 10.

Scholarships: You can request a scholarship by emailing the Panda Club Committee at by Friday, December 17.

Please contact the Panda Club Committee at or call/text 267-977-5356 for additional information and help with registration.

All additional information can be found here:

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