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Here are some next steps on MCPS quarantines and COVID-19 response

Dear ESS PTA families,

There are many COVID-19 issues of concern to parents such as inequity in MCPS quarantine plans, access to and communication about testing and vaccines, and much more. Here are steps you can take right now to help create the type of change needed for all of our kids to be healthy and safe. 1. Be informed. You can learn more about MCPS' plan for COVID-19 testing in school by watching this recording of Saturday's MCCPTA session. 2. Make your voice heard! Request a spot to testify to the Board of Education when they next meet on Sept 9. Here’s the information for how to do that: You can also provide written testimony to the Board of Education at Please send an email to each member of the Board of Education . Send an email or call your County Council Representative . Send an email or call your state government representatives. You may also write the County Executive. A sample letter is attached below. 3. Get organized and advocate Be on the lookout for an ESS PTA poll in the next few days asking about your family's return to school experience and thoughts about how the school has handled COVID-19 matters. This information will help inform conversations with ESS school leadership. You can also share your feedback and concerns on these issues with MCCPTA using this form ( The NAACP Parents' Council, a group of parents and community members who advocate for Black students and students of color within Montgomery County Public Schools, is asking those families to please take their first survey. It is due no later than September 6, 2021: Quarantine Plan Survey for NAACP Parents Council Visit their website for information on past programs/events, sign up for the listserv, and more 4. Join the ESS PTA If you haven't already joined the East Silver Spring Elementary School PTA, now is a great time to do that! Here's how: Thank you again for all of your efforts! Lima Abdullah ESS PTA President 21-22

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