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MLK Week of Service

Thank you to the amazing families, staff, and members of our community who participated in and volunteered during the MLK Week of Service. Thanks to your efforts:

We collected more than 20 bags of trash throughout the community.

Made more than 100 cards for seniors living in nursing homes to show that we care and are all connected.

Gathered more than four SUVs full of donated clothes, dozens of furniture items, and more than 50 bags of household goods for newly-arrived families from Afghanistan and others in transitional housing.

Helped raise money for families impacted by the fire at the Flower Branch Apartments.

Offered a "sweet" note of appreciation to our teachers and staff for their hard work and service in educating our children.

Helped pull together as a diverse community to get dozens tested for COVID-19 and vaccinated at our school's clinic.

Reflected thoughtfully on community service and the ways large and small we can continue to serve throughout the year by volunteering, reading more about important issues, and working with our families on important causes.

This week's show of community was beautiful.

Thank you, ESS, for your amazing commitment to community and service.


Lima Abdullah

ESS PTA President


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